Floor Plans & Design Ideas

Design ideas for a new home
The purpose of your new home and where it is going to be built are good starting points when looking at different home design ideas.


Will your custom-built home serve your expanding family? If you have a growing family, make sure your home plans will accommodate members of your family as they grow. Having the master suite close to the nursery is great when your children are little, but as they grow, privacy will become an issue for both parents and children.

Do you need a small, intimate place for a weekend getaway? Cottages, chalets, A-frame houses or log cabins tend to be smaller and feature large gathering areas and balconies or windows for scenic views. Find just what you are looking for by searching our database featuring professionals who will assist you in creating your own version of paradise.

Will your home have multiple generations? Many families on tight budgets or with limited housing choices have found that moving in together is the best solution. Finding housing plans with two master suites or separate living quarters allows multi-generational families to live comfortably.

When living with an aging parent or someone with physical or mobility issues, special care should be taken to address their living environment. Accessible home designs in all architectural styles and sizes can also be found by searching here.


Do you enjoy entertaining or host big family gatherings? Choosing house plans that feature indoor/outdoor entertainment areas and guest rooms will narrow your search for home designs.

Climate and Location
Certain home designs work better in certain climates. Other home designs work best according to the neighborhood or size of lot.

If you live in the northern part of the country, a steep roof pitch or metal roofs that allow snow and ice to melt and slide off easily is an important factor in choosing home designs. Classic Colonial, Tudor style and European style home designs feature steep roof pitches and are among the many home design plans featured here.

In sunny, warmer climates, home design styles like Spanish Colonial, Santa Fe, Mediterranean, and Southwestern feature stuccoed walls, tiled roofs, airy courtyards and covered porches. Contemporary and Mid-Century Modern home designs offer simple, sleek lines with plenty of glass walls, sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Once you have considered the purpose and location of your home, begin your search here for home design ideas.