Landscaping, Patios and Decks

If you are driving along a residential neighborhood and a home catches your eye, chances are that landscaping made the difference. The use of natural and man-made materials to enhance the outdoor living space of a home has practical and aesthetic advantages. Landscaping is the window dressing of a home and enhances curb appeal.

If you are trying to sell your home, quality landscaping is your chance to make a first good impression. Improving the exterior of the home creates the greatest return on investment in terms of selling power. Many realtors agree that a home with great curb appeal draws the most attention and therefore, a better selling price. A recent study concluded that high-quality landscaped homes sell for 5.7 percent more than an average home. An excellent-quality landscaped home had a 10.8 percent advantage. At, you can find landscape designers that will work with a variety of budgets to create an impressive visual impact.

Landscaping is not just for making your home more appealing to buyers. It is the extension of the interior of your home and enhances your total living environment.

Trees, shrubs and plants offer shade that can save on cooling costs. Use natural landscaping to create private areas or deter crime. Design a plan for sustainable landscaping that utilizes native flora and promotes water-use efficiency. A landscape professional will help you design an outdoor space that is conducive to your needs, the land and climate and within your budget. Whether you are in the planning or implementing stage or need help with maintaining your outdoor space, search for your landscaping needs.

Hardscaping, the use of man-made materials to enhance an outdoor space, is part of landscape design. Hardscaping includes the installation of retaining walls, brick pavers, water fountains, ponds, pergolas and decks. These structures serve practical purposes such as reducing or preventing soil erosion, providing drainage or protection from the elements. In addition, structures such as retaining walls, kiosks and courtyards offer privacy, entertainment and outdoor seating areas.

Installing a deck is the best type of outdoor home improvement project. Decks increase the square footage in your home with minimal cost. More importantly, decks provide a haven for outdoor entertainment and relaxation. When built and maintained properly, an outdoor deck will provide years of enjoyment.

Improving the exterior of your home provides a great return on investment, but the best return is the joy and satisfaction you get from owning an eye-catching home. Get started on